Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summertime&the livings easy

School is over, and Im not exactly someone who is overtly "whiney" about hating school. But to say the least, boy oh boy am I glad I have some time to get over the insane year I've had. Deciding it would be in my best interest, I wanted to try and read an uplifting book/novel. So, I went to a Barnes and Noble and just spent some time trying to find something that caught my eye.
I decided on the book If You Have To Cry, Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone. In no sense of the word am I a fan of the MTV "reality" shows she appears on, but Ive seen interviews of her and the insight she provides is extremely interesting. Anyways... the book is rather good. Go check it out.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Is that a fanny pack I just saw?

You have got to be kidding me. Lately, I, unfortunately, have been noticing fanny packs. I, in all honesty cannot believe that this is an actual "trend". While sitting in my chem class (because everyone totally day-dreams during science...)I realized that this was a topic that had to be talked about. Whenever I think of "fanny packs" I think of neon windbreakers, nylon tracksuits, and suburban mothers who don't want to carry a purse. People, such as Rihanna (cringe :/...sorry its the truth) have been photographed wearing fanny packs. And while browsing on the Internet I saw that not only are some people saying fanny packs are "back" but, Marc Jacobs is now making them for Louis Vuitton. I feel like sending Marc a literate message filled with different metaphors describing the pain I feel while seeing this monstrosity continue. I love all of your opinions, What do you think? Should these make a come back? Or even better if you know someone who wears them, how do you feel when your in public with them. In the West Coast, it doesn't seem to be an issue, thankfully, but an elderly couple across the street wears them and I give them a pass because they have restrictions others do not have.

&& Like I said in my older posts here is some of the collages, paintings, and spray paint stencils I made for art class.

(all collage images are from various fashion/art magazines)

Spray Paint Stencils, Pencil drawing w/ colored pencils:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hola Hola Hola Hola

So, I have been EXTREMELY busy, and have been planning for my Art shows this week. On Thursday, my school is having an art show, and then on Saturday I have my showcase that has another art show... sooo I have decided that I am going to take some photos, and then post them so you guys can see some of my work. I am putting in 2 photos into my schools art show, as well as me and a girl in my art class who designs are making a display in a case with her and my clothes as well as vintage renewels. And on Saturday I am putting in 3 photos into the show. My central idea being a sequence of action shots with a background of train tracks and cloudy skies.

So look for that probably on Saturday night or Sunday (:
&& Hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week, I know for me school is winding down for this year. Cant wait for summer. Goodbye to my wonderful followers, and to those who are not, follow me, and join the maddness (:


Monday, May 31, 2010

A summer outfit option

Here's one of many options for a girl's outfit:

&& Here is a good Men's summer option:

I really this year am liking the whole beachy trend, but as always I have to add my edgy spin on it. Tell me what you think, and what trends you like and/or dislike this summer.

Until Later,

Words cannot describe how sorry I am

Goodness, it has been FOREVER. Most of you probably thought I had quit. Well thats not within my repertoire. Those of you who read my blog know that before this incredibly long hiatus I was very sick and hospitalized, well, after fighting that I had to rebuild my immune system and get well. Thus being the reason for my non-existent posting. So, again, I truly apologize, but I am going to continue blogging and pursue my ideas I had before. But I did want your opinions. So, if you could please leave a comment telling me what you would like to see that would be great (:
Be ready for another post later in the day about my favorite fashion/art magazines and why I love them...........

Love you lots,

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Inspirational thoughts, leading to an all out epiphany.

As I was pondering ideas for my friends prom dress that I am making, I thought... what could I do to make my blog even better? And I realized that you guys know nothing about me, yes I did a Q&A but very few people asked questions (thanks to those who did), so I didnt want to do a whole other Q&A post cause that'd be just weird but I figured you guys could ask your questions here and I would answer them in my next post or in the comments. Ask as many as you want.

Also Im going on a trip next weekend to visit some family and Im going to make sure and post pictures of some of my adventures, the clothes I buy...if any, as well as some unique street style I find. So look for that.

And if you guys could also comment and give me some feed back on what you would like to see on my blog, or what you think I could do better. And please remember to "follow" me I'd really appreciate it, and when I get to 15-20 followers I'll do the vintage clothes giveaway thingy I talked a bout a few post back. Have a wonderful Saturday, && little less than a week until Alice & Wonderland.

p.s. For some odd reason I have the beach boys stuck in my head...odd considering I havent listened to the beach boys in forever. Anyways, sorry for the ramble.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Theres something about Georgia

Magazine covers, ad campaigns, beauty contracts, and more. That even, only listing some of the things this amazing person has accomplished.

photo by Tim Walker

As the daughter of the legendary ROCK GOD Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Georgia May Jagger is literally one of my main muses for my designs and one of the often used sources for my insiration.

photo by Norman Jean Roy

A long time ago I had the pleasure of actually meeting her at a Rolling Stones concert I went to, and was able to get backstage to see Mick because my Mom's boyfriend was able to get us some passes. When we went to get my & my brothers picture taken with Mick, Georgia was there to see the show as well. Honestly though, the sad part is, when I met her I was a lot younger(as was she) so I dont remember every detail as I wish I did... how cruel life can be.

photo by Tim Walker

Just in the last couple years she has been nominated for a "Model of the Year" award, done ad campaigns for Hudson Jeans, and Versace. She booked a Huge deal with Rimmel cosmetics, and landed the cover of British Vogue. She is on a roll, and you will definatly be seeing Georgia in a lot more campaigns and ads.

photo by Norman Jean Roy

Thanks for reading, thought I'd do a fun post on one of my favorite insspirations. Continue to add questions to the VVV Q&A post VVV. And please Follow me, so we can get to 15-20 followers, and one of you guys might get to win some cool vintage pieces.

Au Revoir,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just a few of my Fall'10 RTW favorites

Now let's be honest here. I know, especially for me, it is extremely difficult to pick my absolute favorites(of anything) becuase I always have so many. But for this Fall '10 RTW post I had a lot of pieces that I liked from the shows so far, so I decided to take only one piece from some of the shows I liked, and explain why I liked them so much. The funny part is, I had this all planned out without realizing the magnitude of excitement I felt for the Proenza Schouler show... and if you've seen it you'll understand my dilemma... ALL of the pieces in the show are utter GENIUS! After thinking about it, I decided that I would do a different post dedicated just to the Proenza show:). I apologize for the little off track rant there...but it was necessary. Also, bare in mind that these are SOME of my favorites and that there are a lot of other amazing pieces&shows(I just didn't want it to be a 2-page post). So without further ado,

Topshop Unique; I love this vintage airline stewardess/military feel.

Diesel Black&Gold; mixes 2 of the biggest trends at the moment, leather&embellishments and the shoes are so cool!

marc by marc jacobs; the lace top is beautiful & the pants are tailored to perfection.

Marchesa; wonderfully constructed, you WILL be seeing this dress on the red carpet of something.

Charlotte Ronson; wouldn't have caught my eye without the velvet pants,& the top is really interesting.

Tommy Hilfiger; the outfit was okay, but the coat is what stole my heart, totally to die for.

3.1 Phillip Lim; 1st off I ♥ Tao Okamoto, 2nd off I love this idea of a train cut diagonally. And the embellishments and detail in this outfit is extraodinary, along with a jacket thats chanel-esque.

Rodarte; when I first saw this collection I was very surprised. Normally the shows are very dark and sexy, but this season the collection was almost whimsical. But once I heard the inspiration behind the collection, I fell in love with the whole sha-bang. The knits and construction is so incredible. Totally Inspiring.

Thanks for reading, coming soon: The Proenza Schouler post, and keep commenting/asking questions on the Q&A post.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ohh. Wow. Ahh. How Interesting.

Here are some of the questions you guys have asked me, I will add on the rest when they come.

Why did you start fashion blogging?
Well, long story short, my family thought it would be a good idea to blog to take up on some of my spare time. Also, after attending the FIDM summer program in LA, when I explained to the teachers what I wanted to accomplish in life, they told me I should try to get my name out there. And on top of that I wanted to share my love of fashion, art, style, etc. with others.

What would you like to be when your older?
I would love to be a designer(..I know what your thinking, everyone says that) but I'm very passionate and have initiative. Or a fashion photographer, its one of my main passions. Also I would love to either be a Stylist or a Buyer for a store/company. And if all else fails I would want to be a Civil Rights Lawyer.

What's your favorite color, and what color do you think you are?
My favorite color is turquoise or black, it differs. But I think I am either blue or green; very earthy and cool colors, because that is more my personality.

What;s your favorite sport, and why is your pen name Domino?
Well, I am EXTREMELY clumsy, so sports and I dont mix. But if I had to choose one it would be soccer or tennis. And I go by Domino because my names Dominic & Domino is my nickname, and it also is ironicly the name of one of my heroes(Domino Harvey).

Also, I know I am getting more and more readers everyday(which I am so greatful for). And since I am still a new blog, I thought to show my gratitude I would then do like a prize contest or something. My whole family collects a lot of cool vintage items(clothes, jewelry, etc.)& I am constantly collecting new items so I figured I would do like a contest and do a prize or something, unfortunatly I could only send the prize out to readers in the US for price reasons. So, if that's something your all interested in. I know have 4 followers and figured I'd do it when I got to around 15-20 followers. Hope you guys are having an okay week, the weekend is almost here so hold on.

P.S. V Keep the questions coming V.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The good ole' Q & A

So I truly apologize for my lame excuse as to why I havent posted in a while(aka sleep deprivation). As I sat here thinking of what I should do a post about, I came up with the idea of doing a Q&A post. Since I totally have a mysterious personality....not, I figured that I would let you all take free reign and ask all the questions you desire. Considering I'm probably the TOTAL opposite of how you see me, ask any question you want; & I will answer it truthfully.
To end this ramble mamble on an understandable note.
Ask any thing you would like to know about me, it could be as broad or as detailed as you would like.
Leave the comments/questions below V
I will answer most of them in my next post and then the rest in the comments.
*We'll have our own little discussion(:


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ahhh Fashion Week

One of my favorite times of the year is during which Fashion Week is going on (and yes, that includes all the seasons). You ask why? And I say; its because I love waking up and checking the line-up for the day, walking down to Starbucks to grab my chai tea (or grean tea w/ rasp it depends on my mood) and then coming home to get ready for school. Only to be counting the minutes until I am home on watching the shows of the day, looking at the clothes and deciding which outfits I like and or dislike. Now, to be frank I have never in my life been to a fashion show...unless the ones in my dreams count, but thats besides the point... therefore that makes me no "fashion expert". Recently, I've had an epiphany of sorts, in the feeling that fashion is art and art is not bias. In conclusion(ooo that sounds so fancy) everyone is an "expert" in their own right, though some may have formal training, we all look at fashion and take something differently from it. So, Do you guys like to look @ the shows and kind of critic them yourselves? If not, tell me what you love about Fashion Week and what you like to do during this time.
Leave Comments (:


Friday, February 12, 2010

Alexander McQueen/1969-2010

When I first heard the news of McQueen's suicide I was instinctly debating on doing a post regarding this tragic loss. I wanted to keep this short and sweet because I know it is a sensitive subject. And after thinking about it for a while I decided to do a little positive post on Mr. McQueen, highlighting some of my favorite recent Alexander McQueen moments.

alexander mcqueen spring 2010 ready-to-wear shoes
2nd: Fall 2009(Ode to Cruella)

mcqueen fall 2009/
His instinctive style is hard to miss, and his creativity is beyond this world. His designs will never be forgotten, and his effortless design esthetic is extremely artistic. Alexander Mcqueen, we appreciate everything you do, and you will never be forgotten.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keeping a Promise

I promised myself I would try to post everyday. I just got home from surgery yesterday. I guess I had a chronic infection in my typorum bone? Who knew? So here is my oh so short post in my medicated up phase.

Since I have been to the hospital recently I have started to pay more attention to medical facts (especially since I am an obsessive fan of House, I know Hugh is amazing). And If I have learned anyone thing that is most important, it's that you ALWAYS have to voice your opinion on how you should be treated. Especially if that treatment has to do with pain medicine, that way you dont end up like little ole' me in constant pain.

For Your Consideration,

Monday, February 8, 2010

All new name, All new post

So lets state the obvious, I changed the blogs name. Do you guys like it? I always appreciate your opinions. I had some kind of crazy/insane andy warhol esque inspirational moment where I just wanted to make things. So..... I decided to personalize my vans hi-tops. Also awhile back a friend of mine taught me how to make some really cool space scenes, so i made one with spray paint.
And finally, sorry for my utter laziness, I actually have some photos of my little creative endeavors.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

What do you think?

I thought I had an obligation to try to do atleast one post a day so... this is my way of doing so. I have a couple favors, to be blunt I need your opinions.
Heres the questions (and please answer the questions, and be honest).

-Do you guys like the name of the blog. Or do you prefer just "The Prodigy"

-Also, would you guys like if I posted some more pictures of my own life, i.e. some outfits and mumbo jumbo like that.

Sorry to put you on the spot, but I'd really ppreciate it (:

and to make you guys smile, I thought I'd throw in my favorite superbowl videos *commercials. Since it is Superbowl Sunday. Here you go:

I thought it was utterly hilarious.

Have a great night,

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok let me make this clear, I like Hannah McGibbon but seriously who was better @ Chloe than Phoebe? Now that shes at Celine she is going to do great. I feel her debut collection was magnificent. so I figured I'd go through some of my favortie looks.

Three words Elegant, Detailed, and
Sophisticated. Seems like she was going for a look to be weared at the office or at a Dinner. That trend of dressing more business esque at events is still standing strong.

The detail and tailoring that went into this coat is flipping amazing. Its so geometric yet modern and has like a battle armor feel.

First let's talk about the top, I mean come on? Leather is really coming back and the construction of this top is exquisite (fancy word choice... hope I spelt it right). And the skirt; Phoebe did a lot of these German beer girl type skirts *subtract the over the topness, which are very tailored and cropped to perfection.

In all, the entire collection focused a lot on construction and tailoring it seemed. The colors were pretty neutral (black, white, camel, and khaki)and it seemed very successful. Everyone loves you Phoebe (like shes totally going to read this) and I have a feeling your going to be seeing a lot of Ms. Phoebe Philo.

Rain Rain Go Away

Soooo another gloomy day in socal. Therefore it is chai tea and Lost marathons on hulu for me.(yay for rhymming!) I thoguht I'd do some collaging today, cause im the total artsy type.
1 pair of scissors...check
too many magazines you have obsessively kept...wait... check!
So thats my day. Are any of you doing anything interesting? comment I'd love to know. Might go see a movie later. Tommorow im getting my new Docs, hooray.
Will post pictures of the collages when I finish.
"I am not a terrorist, please don't arrest me" -Vivienne Westwood.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Vampire Weekend's Contra

So i decided on too posts a day. Two posts in a day, how exciting! I know im so kind.
but i am in love with this CD. It's on a constant replay in my head, and i am glad it is. So you should totally listen to one of my favorite songs in the video below.

Have a wonderful night,

Oh Mr.Lagerfeld why do you have to be so dashing ?

Sorry for my hiatus of sorts and the oh so late review of the TO DIE FOR chanel couture 2010 shows. Fail. But it was to amazing to not talk about so...

I loved the hair and the makeup, and I thought that the whole hair idea kinda remined me of cruella devilla with a more feminine touch (flashback 101 dalamtions!... yes I know off topic).

how this has been in my dreams...awkward pause :/... this coat is straight from heaven, I mean seriously? Genius. In my opinion the coolest piece of the collection.

Total Ivanka Trump/Claudia Schiffer 80's power glam suit in a way. but still very "ill totally beat you in the board room" sort of way

Thursday, January 28, 2010

And....Were Off

This is all new too me, but I thought I'd give it my best shot. If I was going to do this, I knew I wanted to do it right and put all my effort into it. As I begin into this new adventure im really really really excited (yes, I am that cheesy) and I want to learn more and gain a new love for fashion and style that exemplifies the place it already holds in my life. If you guys have any cool magazines you love, or websites that inspire you, share them with me, I'd really like to check them out.