Monday, May 31, 2010

A summer outfit option

Here's one of many options for a girl's outfit:

&& Here is a good Men's summer option:

I really this year am liking the whole beachy trend, but as always I have to add my edgy spin on it. Tell me what you think, and what trends you like and/or dislike this summer.

Until Later,


  1. Great photos. I love it. Search my world on

  2. I like the outfit you've chosen :) I really like the monochrome trend that's in right now, but I also like to add some colour :)

    xx, mikaela

  3. I like your men's outfit. A guy would have to be incredibly fashion conscious to wear something like that.

    As for things to like in summer, I'm really into sun hats these days. I bought like three of them, to try and satiate my want for sunhatted beauty. haha. Theres something just so, timeless and cute about sun hats.

    And for dislike, i really am not a fan of those stupid chunky necklaces people keep putting on. And those irrationaly huge "boho" bags. They are so 8 seasons ago and impractical that its rediculous, and if theres anything fashion related worth hating its impracticallity and outdatedness.

    thanks for the comment!


  4. i love the girls and the guys oufits! great picks! xx

  5. YAY you're blogging again!!! I'm so glad!!!
    I love the shorts in the girl's section, they're so pretty!! I can easily see them paired with the shirt you have up there!!
    -- Jen

  6. Tee, shorts and sneakers always and forever. perfect outfir for ladies!

  7. I love both of the outfits and I could probably see myself rocking both of them too.