Friday, June 18, 2010

Is that a fanny pack I just saw?

You have got to be kidding me. Lately, I, unfortunately, have been noticing fanny packs. I, in all honesty cannot believe that this is an actual "trend". While sitting in my chem class (because everyone totally day-dreams during science...)I realized that this was a topic that had to be talked about. Whenever I think of "fanny packs" I think of neon windbreakers, nylon tracksuits, and suburban mothers who don't want to carry a purse. People, such as Rihanna (cringe :/...sorry its the truth) have been photographed wearing fanny packs. And while browsing on the Internet I saw that not only are some people saying fanny packs are "back" but, Marc Jacobs is now making them for Louis Vuitton. I feel like sending Marc a literate message filled with different metaphors describing the pain I feel while seeing this monstrosity continue. I love all of your opinions, What do you think? Should these make a come back? Or even better if you know someone who wears them, how do you feel when your in public with them. In the West Coast, it doesn't seem to be an issue, thankfully, but an elderly couple across the street wears them and I give them a pass because they have restrictions others do not have.

&& Like I said in my older posts here is some of the collages, paintings, and spray paint stencils I made for art class.

(all collage images are from various fashion/art magazines)

Spray Paint Stencils, Pencil drawing w/ colored pencils:

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  1. I think of the song White and Nerdy by Weird Al when I hear the words "fanny" and "pack" used in the same sentence.