Monday, February 8, 2010

All new name, All new post

So lets state the obvious, I changed the blogs name. Do you guys like it? I always appreciate your opinions. I had some kind of crazy/insane andy warhol esque inspirational moment where I just wanted to make things. So..... I decided to personalize my vans hi-tops. Also awhile back a friend of mine taught me how to make some really cool space scenes, so i made one with spray paint.
And finally, sorry for my utter laziness, I actually have some photos of my little creative endeavors.


  1. whoa your vans are AWESOME!!!!!! they came out AMAZING!!!!! if i ever tried to do something like that it would look like a rainbow puked on my shoes lol
    LOVE your blog and LOVE your title pic!! so cool!!!
    the Girl in the Purple Pants

  2. Those shoes are SOOO cool! Great new name, too! This blog keeps getting better :)

  3. That chair is awesome!!!!

  4. Thanks for all of the comments,
    the chair is from an antique store that I repainted.

    - Domino