Saturday, February 6, 2010


Ok let me make this clear, I like Hannah McGibbon but seriously who was better @ Chloe than Phoebe? Now that shes at Celine she is going to do great. I feel her debut collection was magnificent. so I figured I'd go through some of my favortie looks.

Three words Elegant, Detailed, and
Sophisticated. Seems like she was going for a look to be weared at the office or at a Dinner. That trend of dressing more business esque at events is still standing strong.

The detail and tailoring that went into this coat is flipping amazing. Its so geometric yet modern and has like a battle armor feel.

First let's talk about the top, I mean come on? Leather is really coming back and the construction of this top is exquisite (fancy word choice... hope I spelt it right). And the skirt; Phoebe did a lot of these German beer girl type skirts *subtract the over the topness, which are very tailored and cropped to perfection.

In all, the entire collection focused a lot on construction and tailoring it seemed. The colors were pretty neutral (black, white, camel, and khaki)and it seemed very successful. Everyone loves you Phoebe (like shes totally going to read this) and I have a feeling your going to be seeing a lot of Ms. Phoebe Philo.


  1. I love the first look the way that the creamy colours are applied make it look very comfortable I think a lot of people will be wearing similiar things this year.

    I like the fitted jacket on the second outfit it was great composition with the white fluffy dress as they are both contrasting colours and a rather manly leather jacket give the fluffy dress a difference.

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    From Dolly
    P.S- Great Blog!!!!!

  2. i totally agree.
    you have an amazing sense of fashion.
    thanks for the comments
    - Domino