Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ohh. Wow. Ahh. How Interesting.

Here are some of the questions you guys have asked me, I will add on the rest when they come.

Why did you start fashion blogging?
Well, long story short, my family thought it would be a good idea to blog to take up on some of my spare time. Also, after attending the FIDM summer program in LA, when I explained to the teachers what I wanted to accomplish in life, they told me I should try to get my name out there. And on top of that I wanted to share my love of fashion, art, style, etc. with others.

What would you like to be when your older?
I would love to be a designer(..I know what your thinking, everyone says that) but I'm very passionate and have initiative. Or a fashion photographer, its one of my main passions. Also I would love to either be a Stylist or a Buyer for a store/company. And if all else fails I would want to be a Civil Rights Lawyer.

What's your favorite color, and what color do you think you are?
My favorite color is turquoise or black, it differs. But I think I am either blue or green; very earthy and cool colors, because that is more my personality.

What;s your favorite sport, and why is your pen name Domino?
Well, I am EXTREMELY clumsy, so sports and I dont mix. But if I had to choose one it would be soccer or tennis. And I go by Domino because my names Dominic & Domino is my nickname, and it also is ironicly the name of one of my heroes(Domino Harvey).

Also, I know I am getting more and more readers everyday(which I am so greatful for). And since I am still a new blog, I thought to show my gratitude I would then do like a prize contest or something. My whole family collects a lot of cool vintage items(clothes, jewelry, etc.)& I am constantly collecting new items so I figured I would do like a contest and do a prize or something, unfortunatly I could only send the prize out to readers in the US for price reasons. So, if that's something your all interested in. I know have 4 followers and figured I'd do it when I got to around 15-20 followers. Hope you guys are having an okay week, the weekend is almost here so hold on.

P.S. V Keep the questions coming V.



  1. love a good Q and A, cute blog!


    come visit!

  2. You have the coolest name!! Thanks for answering my question!!

  3. Your blog is really good! I'm 12 years old, so I know how it is to be a young blogger. =D


  4. cool Q & A! doing a contest would be really awesome because the prize would be totally one of a kind!

  5. Great post!
    love the blog
    stop by some time :) xx

  6. love Q&A , cute

  7. Cute Q&A!! And your blog is so fab. I think it's the perfect way for an aspiring young designer to make a name in this industry...good luck! :)

  8. haha, a great answer to my question! I think I'm yellow; it's sunny and bright. I'd like to think of myself that way.

  9. Just happened upon your blog and I think its awesome...yeah whenever I say I want to go into fashion I always get the same sort of response but you should definitly just go for it :)

    Love love love,