Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Mr.Lagerfeld why do you have to be so dashing ?

Sorry for my hiatus of sorts and the oh so late review of the TO DIE FOR chanel couture 2010 shows. Fail. But it was to amazing to not talk about so...

I loved the hair and the makeup, and I thought that the whole hair idea kinda remined me of cruella devilla with a more feminine touch (flashback 101 dalamtions!... yes I know off topic).

how this has been in my dreams...awkward pause :/... this coat is straight from heaven, I mean seriously? Genius. In my opinion the coolest piece of the collection.

Total Ivanka Trump/Claudia Schiffer 80's power glam suit in a way. but still very "ill totally beat you in the board room" sort of way


  1. I can't get enough of the Chanel couture show, amazing!!

    cool blog :) check mine out too!

  2. I totally agree, hes an utter genius.

    - Domino